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Hancock Church 2018 Easter Services

The Choir practices Sunday mornings at 9:00 am.

An informal discussion will take place during coffee time today. Please read the Update from the Pastoral Search Committee in today's bulletin announcements as a basis for the discussion. The discussion will be moderated. Your input is greatly appreciated and valued.

Meetings for the week:

   The Pastoral Search Committee will meet today following the informal discussion.

   A Maundy Thursday service with Communion will be held on Thursday, March 29th, at 7:00 pm.

   Easter Sunrise service at Hancock Point Wharf...6:00 am. Plan to come back to the church afterwards for a light breakfast

   A traditional Easter Service will be held next Sunday, April 1st, at 10:00 am.

last week was 34.

from the Search Committee:

Dear Friends:
The pastoral search committee has started its work, has had several meetings, and has talked with our Associate Conference Minister, Darren Morgan, about our search. One of the very first things we need to decide as a congregation is our pastoral employment model – full time, full time shared with another congregation, or part time. There are financial as well as church life and community considerations associated with each model. For instance, during Keith Bowie’s “designated” time with us he has served part-time. If we were to return to a full time model, our expense budget would increase by up to $40,000 (depending on our final call agreement). If we shared a full time pastor with another congregation our expenses would be less, but we would have to be flexible in negotiating how coverage is shared. 

This decision inevitably comes early in the search process, but an opportunity has arisen in that the UCC church in Ellsworth Falls will lose their minister after April this year. They are interested in working with us on a shared coverage model and have had discussions both with Darren Morgan and Keith Bowie. Keith has had experience with this in his earlier career and is willing to cover both churches during an interim time before his retirement in April 2019, but only if our congregation is willing to try the “experiment”. It is important to note that this would still have Keith in the pulpit every Sunday, but the congregations would have to negotiate worship and committee meeting times.

There are many more considerations than a brief note can cover. We would ask that you prayerfully consider these and feel free to contact any member of the search committee, Keith, or the lay leadership with your questions. We will have a number of informal discussions after church during coffee hour in the coming weeks before any final decision is made at a congregational meeting. 

Faithfully yours, 
Mike H Summerer MD, Search Committee Chair
207 963 7182 Home 203 522 3330 Cell

After-Church Discussion of Pastoral Search Process
March 18, 2018 Hancock UCC

Following worship Church members and friends met in the vestry for coffee, refreshments and a discussion led by David Wildes and Rev. Keith Bowie on the process to date. This was an informal meeting to present the pastoral models and involve parishioners to question and comment. Thirty to thirty-five persons attended. Peggy Karns and Nancy Cooledge listened and commented on speaker-phone.

Comments and Questions – “This feels very hurried-up.” “Do we have to change our worship time?” “If we get into an agreement with Ellsworth Falls, can we change if we decide it is not working out?” Two of the search committee, Jen Ashmore and Kathy McGlinchey commented that if we enter into an agreement with Ellsworth Falls, we should do this in good faith. Kathy also reported that Darren Morgan has stated that Rev. Keith would not serve Ellsworth Falls part-time unless we enter into a shared ministry. Rev. Keith states that he has served two churches before, and would do this until his retirement in early 2019. Part-time pastors are few and far between.
Kathy McGlinchey, who attended Ellsworth Falls for a while, reported that less than thirty persons attend the Sunday worship. Also, their congregation is elderly.

It was agreed that we should meet with Ellsworth Falls for discussion. Also, there will be further discussion on this issue next week after church, March 25th.
Jeanne Edwards, Church Clerk